Tuned In

I close my eyes and my senses remember those days.  I am transported back in time to my parents’ living room watching the kind older man tune our piano.  We got the piano around 1981 when my sister began taking lessons.  This piano tuner, Bill I think his name was, and the piano teacher, Mrs. Bourden, were both recommended to my mom.  I would later come to take lessons as well from Mrs. Bourden.

But today my memories are of the tuning sessions.  I can remember how much I loved watching him.  First he would play a little on the piano, assessing where the most work would most likely be needed.  Then he would open the front of the piano, lay his cloth across the front so as not to scratch anything, and begin to work.  I would sneak up to his side, even though I suspected he always knew I was coming.  Out of his bag of tools it came, the tuning fork.  He would turn to me, smack the fork on his knee and then put the vibrating tip near my ear so I could hear the note.  Once again he would smack that fork and put it on my nose ever so gently so that I could feel it.  I was in awe!  How did that tool help him other than entertaining a little girl?  He would listen to it himself and then start tuning our piano.  When Bill was done he would put away his tools, close the piano up, and take it for a test run.  Through his fingers and out of that piano came the most beautiful music.  What was even more amazing was that Bill could not read a lick of music.  Everything Bill did with the piano, tuning or playing, was done by touch and listening.

I wake up from my trip to the past with a smile and a chuckle.  God is SO good!  My life is a tuning experience.  Tuning a piano takes time and a gentle touch.  Sometimes, if a piano has gone a long time without tuning, it could take a couple different sessions spread out over time to get the piano tuned just right.  If too much is done in the first session the piano could be damaged.  The same has been true with my life.  I have collected dust when it comes to my relationship with my Father.  He has gently opened me up, gotten out his perfect tuning fork that is Jesus, and gone to work.  God does not need a written out plan but rather uses His powerful touch to make my life sing.  When I can sit back and hear the notes He makes come out of my life I am reduced to tears.  These are tears of seeing my beauty from God’s eyes, of feeling the grace of my Lord Jesus, and knowing that the Master can make anything sound beautiful when it is in tune with Jesus.

While I am not perfect I want God’s work in me to result in me vibrating His love tone when struck.



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