The Engineer and The Machine

One of my projects this winter is to purge this one area of our basement. Come on, we all have that space. You know, that space you dump things where you don't know where to put them and just don't want to deal with them yet. Well our so-designated space was pretty filled up. When … Continue reading The Engineer and The Machine

Here I Am, 2021

What was lighting your inner fire last year at the beginning of 2020? What were you planning to accomplish over the next year? One of my goals was to "become a writer". I put that in quotes because I don't know if I believe anymore one needs to "become a writer" to BE a writer. … Continue reading Here I Am, 2021


Enough.  When you read that word what comes to mind?  “I’ve had enough”, “Enough already”, “I can’t do enough to help”, “There aren’t enough days in the week”, and “I don’t have enough time” are just some things I think of when I read that word.  I think about the times I’ve been overwhelmed or I’ve felt I’m … Continue reading Enough