Being Chill is Hard

While driving around one day I saw a squirrel standing beside the road, right beside the road. Its back was to the road but it seemed to still see me approaching out of the corner of its eye. I thought, “Here we go. Road kill.” I braced myself for the squirrel to run into the street or scurry off into the brush that was right there. It didn’t even flinch as I drove by.  When I looked in the rear view and side view mirrors it wasn’t there. The first thought that went through my head, which actually I said aloud, was, “That is one chill squirrel!”

Do you ever feel like a squirrel? You’re standing there by the road of life. Sometimes the traffic is slow but most of the time it feels like rush hour. Do you go this way or that way? Do we cross the street or do we stay put? I once heard it said that life is like a road filled with dead squirrels that couldn’t make up their mind which way to go. That is why this squirrel not moving as I approached intrigued me. What would it be like if we were as chill as that squirrel? What would it be like if we trusted God for safe passage, for what choices to make? It is really necessary for us to cross that busy road in the first place?

In the past I’ve made these types of decisions on my own, believing that was my responsibility. I swerved this way and that to avoid become road kill. Now it is different.  I don’t jump out on my own. Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, is my crossing guard. What relief and what comfort!I have spent sometime over the last couple of years working with God to get really clear on His purpose for my life. By doing so I have found it easier to identify the times that I am not meant to become engaged in some really chaotic things going on around me. I’ve been able to stand on my side of the road and not cross. There have also been times God has asked me to cross that road, to enter the fray. Having a one-on-one relationship with the Father helps me to know He only wants what is best for me.  While there may still be fear on my part I pick up that foot and take that step, confident in who my Father is and how much He loves me.

We’re given many examples in the Bible of people that went to God for help in making decisions.  Mind you they weren’t always perfect just like we aren’t perfect.  However these examples are inspiring.  Moses (Exodus 19:1-9), David (1 Samuel 23:1-12) and Esther (Esther 4:15-16) are just a few examples.  Jesus himself modeled going to the Father in prayer before taking action (Matthew 26:39).  It wasn’t just prayer that was the key.  Each of these people had a personal relationship with the Creator.  This relationship is everything.  It is transformative!  I can attest to this myself.  I am finding it easier to be obedient to the Father’s will because I know what is on the other side.  His perfect peace.  Oh, brothers and sisters, it is easier being chill when you have that perfect peace awaiting you!


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