Dear Past Self

I was asked recently what advice, encouragement or truth would I share in a letter with my past self. Oh there would be a lot! One thing stands out most right now since it has been a highlight for me over the last eight years.

Dear past Tammy,

Here at the age of 43 I want to share with you a truth I’ve learned. Multi-tasking and being sure you are productive every minute isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and not how God wants you to live. Yes, be sure and do your best at whatever you’re doing. Be responsible. Take care of not only those you love but also yourself. Never stop learning and trying new things. Just don’t try and do it all at once. Trust God to lead you to where you are suppose to be spending your time. Because if you don’t you may do a lot but a lot of it won’t be great. You’ll lose yourself, mind and spirit. Slow down. Be where your feet are and enjoy what you are experiencing right now.


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