I’m Finally Saying Yes

The most common question I’m being asked these days is what do you mean when you say you’re in full time ministry.  Believe me, I’ve been asking God that same question.  I’ve been drawn to serve Christ for a long, long time.  When I say a long time I mean from high school.  However I didn’t know what He meant by that other than becoming an ordained minister which is not at all what I felt called to do.  

Rather than working with Him to figure out what He meant I continued to pursue my passion of academics then being a wife and momma as well as running a direct sales business, definitely given by God.  Consistently present were other passions I felt God placed on my heart like music and encouraging others.  God continued to tug on my heart throughout the years to join Him in ministry.   I continued to try and define that by myself as well as just plain old ignore it.  Yeah, that didn’t work.  Not at all.

By the grace of God I came to peace about His calling at the beginning of this year and knew I had to step out in faith even though I didn’t know what I was stepping out into.  That still isn’t 100% clear.  I’m ministering through music by singing and playing in our church’s Praise Team, by leading our Youth Group and co-leading our Women’s Ministry as well as being there more (physically, emotionally, and mentally) for my family and friends.  I’ve been diving deep into scriptural study which is absolutely thrilling!  To many it may sound like a snooze fest but it feeds a fire I’ve had burning in my soul for a long, long time.

Another way I’m ministering is through using my voice, both spoken and written, to share my story and the Christ I know who loves me deeply.  Currently, I’m doing this through my blog and sharing messages at our church from time to time.

Slowly but surely I’m understanding and accepting that the ministry Christ is calling me to can’t be defined like a typical job.  It is being open to where He moves me and obedient to step forward and go.  One day, one step at a time.

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