Beautiful Hope

“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hopes God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.” Psalm 42:5 (NIV)

About a month ago the weather had gotten nice enough to pull out the hammock and set it up for the season. Of course, I had to try it out. Laying back and looking up at the sky it wasn’t the sky I noticed.  It was these trees in the picture. They looked so empty but yet seemed to be straining up towards the sky in hopes that their leaves would return. I was struck by the beauty in that. Let me explain.

How many times have you felt worn out, spent with nothing left to give? When our girls were toddlers that felt like every day. Ha, ha! What about those times you’ve felt broken and wounded, covered in unseen scars? That sounds like the definition of my teenage years. Then there have been times when you’ve felt smothered and forgotten, just another noise in the cacophony of life. Hello, adult life? Maybe I sound dramatic to you but these are feelings I myself have felt. In these times I’ve wondered what I could do, who could help me, and was there hope.

“Thanks for reminding me, Tammy. I WAS feeling pretty good today but now…” Wait! Before you go, hear me out. I want to show you what is beautiful about you and I in these times. We didn’t give up then and we’re not giving up now. Just like these trees, we may have lost every visible sign of life and all our crookedness and brokenness could be showing. Yet just like these trees, we too can hang in there for the time when new life starts to bubble up deep down inside. The sun shines down on these trees and rain waters their roots. So too the Son of God shines His love down on us and the Holy Spirit waters our roots. Look for that Son. Accept the refreshing of the Holy Spirit. Have hope that these moments of exhaustion with kids, work, being a caregiver will be met with replenishment of your spirit and strength for tomorrow. Have hope that in your brokenness Jesus is mending you and creating something beautiful with your scars. Have hope that you are not forgotten or unloved but rather a very necessary instrument in God’s beautiful symphony.

Now lift your head, reach for the Son, and never lose hope. I see you. Jesus sees you. We think you’re beautiful!

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